Gerbera jamesonii

Botanical name

Gerbera jamesonii

Other names

Barberton daisy


Asteraceae; perennial herb; low-growing daisy flower



Description of stem

Absent; leaves sprout from rootstock

Description of leaves

Few long-stalked, upwardly inclined and conspicuously lobed and notched leaves arising from a shallow rootstock, often spreading to a cluster of several plants growing together; rigid leaf stem continues into the leaf's central vein; leaf has uneven surface, silvery pale green below, dark green above, edges undulate characteristically

Description of flowers

Single daisy flowering in spring on a slender stem rising above the leaves, several may arise per plant; flowers scarlet, pink, or orange

Description of seed/fruit

Hairy seed clusters distributed by wind

Description of roots

Thickened root cluster that divides to form more plants





Propagation and cultivation

Grows easily upon transplanting to areas which resemble the natural habitat; grown from seed





Ecological rarity

Common, not threatened

Pests and diseases



Internationally popular garden plant for at least a century with many colour and form variations in horticultural cultivars


Sandy, well-drained grassland on rocky slopes; in full sun or semi-shade

Distribution (SA provinces)



South Africa