Pteridium aquilinum

Botanical NamePteridium aquilinum
Other namesEagle fern; Adelaarsvaring (Afrikaans)
DimensionsLeaves reach 1,5m
Description of StemUnderground stem covered in reddish hairs; the stems tend to branch, allowing the plant to spread and invade extended areas
Description of LeavesFernlike, glossy green and hard to the touch; spores under the leaves become a conspicuous powder brown-red powder; leaves die off after some months whilst new leaves emerge in favourable circumstances light green, soft and hairy
Description of flowers             
Desciption of seed/fruit 
Description of roots 
Propagation and CultivationA problem plant on farms
Ecological rarityInvades grasslands in mountainous areas and where land has been cleared of bush
Pests and Diseases 
Other  Has been known to poison livestock, especially horses; a weed in East Africa; dry leaves highly flammable
LocationHigh rainfall areas, mountainous terrain
DistributionCommon throughout Southern Africa
CountrySouth Africa
Category: Ferns